5 things I disliked about Sri Lanka.


I've already shared what I loved about the country, but now it's time to be a bit more honest and share what I didn't like about it:

- Transport/travelling around -

When I was researching my trip, a lot of what I read said Sri Lanka was fairly easy to get around. I must've gone to a different Sri Lanka because it wasn't easy for me!
Granted, I guess I'm so used to the convenience of Europe that it was a bit of a shock to me.
A 3 hour delayed train that had people literally hanging out of it by the time it reached the station resulted in me forking out £50 for a taxi instead.

Walking around Sri Lanka isn't the best option in most places unless you're really about that leg day life. It's weird how some places weren't that far away ended up being a mission to get to.
The tuk-tuks are readily available and I used Uber whenever I can so I knew the price beforehand, but it wasn't available everywhere and there were definitely times that I gave up and paid too much for a tuk-tuk ride.
I didn't feel comfortable enough to take a bus as every time one passed, everyone stared at me like 😳and the one time I did attempt to take a bus, it was an EPIC fail.

So yeah, travelling around the country wasn't my favourite. Though the Ella to Kandy train ride was amazing.

- Accommodation -

Whilst I loved the homestays, I had issues with the 7 different accommodations I stayed in. The electricity cut off at all of my stays which wasn't a big deal most of the time as I was out during the day, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't annoy me, especially when I was trying to contact home to let them know I was safe.
Big arse cockroaches, unkept locations and general lack of amenities/service were some of the factors that didn't justify some of the prices for me.

- Costs -

This might seem like a weird one as Sri Lanka is pretty cheap, but not everything was value for money. This applies especially to the accommodation which I felt was pretty overpriced. In some places, I paid the same price as I would have in Europe, but the standards were not up to scratch (see my previous point.) 
Some of the restaurants I went to were overpriced as the food wasn't great, BUT on the other hand, there was a food market-ish type place I went to where my meal cost less than a pound and was DELISH.

- Stares -

Being black in Asia (or anywhere tbh), I knew I was going to get stares and I expected them, but that doesn't mean they didn't bother me. Most of the people were the same skin colour as me, so I wasn't expecting to get as many stares as I did if I'm honest.
Different races, different cultures, I know and I did look visibly different from the general population but I'm brown, you're brown, so what's the problem?

- Kandy -

I never hated anywhere I've travelled to before...until now. No offence to anyone from Kandy, but I have no love for the city AT ALL; it was my least favourite part of my trip and I regret staying there for 3 nights. 
It's super busy, which as a Londoner I thought I would be used to, but I found it too hectic at times, especially having just come from Nuwara Eliya which was super chill. 
It's where I got the most stares, have the worst food, paid too much money and generally didn't enjoy. And let's not talk about some of the creepy men (which are everywhere in the world as we know, but I hadn't encountered any on my trip until Kandy.)
Maybe I just had a bad time there, but if I ever go back to Sri Lanka, I'll probably give Kandy a miss.

Having said all of that, I still recommend going to Sri Lanka; read my top five things I loved about the country. The tourism market is still growing, so there is room for improvement and I think it will definitely get better.

Have you been to Sri Lanka? What were some of your dislikes? (or do you think I'm being harsh? πŸ€”)