I blog, but I'm not a blogger


Yes I write a blog, but that doesn't mean I'm a blogger.

I'm a very career-minded person. I always have been and I'm very happy to be working in a profession that I enjoy and see myself progressing in.

Blogging will - most likely - never be my job or a primary source of income, so it will never be a priority. I've read several posts on having a full-time job whilst having a consistent blog and if it's a breeze for you, then kudos. I guess I don't try hard enough.
I won't be setting my alarm 3 hours earlier to edit a post nor will I spend half of my lunch break trying to get the perfect shot of my prawn fried rice and lemon water.

It's not that I don't enjoy it because I do. I love writing and taking pictures and I have ideas for posts, but if I'm honest, I find reading and engaging with other blogs quite time-consuming and it feels like a chore at times.

It can be disheartening putting time and effort into a post only for it to have little to no engagement, but I know if I was more consistent, then that would increase. As I mentioned in my one year blogiversary post, I'm happy with the content I've put out and will hopefully have a new camera soon, so I will continue. Such is life.

Are you a "blogger" or someone who has a blog?


  1. I was a "blogger" from 2008 to around 2011 and kind of burnt out on it. Finding the time to blog started to become more challenging for me so I gave it up. I would like to start again, but feel at a loss.

    1. This is my third blog and my previous two failed as I put too much pressure on myself and stop enjoying it. Now that I'm going with the flow, I'm enjoying it more. If you really want to blog again, do it for yourself!

  2. If I could like this post a thousand times I would! I relate to you 100% I absolutely love my blog because I love writing and sharing my message but I'm in no rush to turn into an empire, don't get me wrong if that happened I would be grateful but it's not my sole purpose. I want my content to be educational & raise awareness.

    1. Thank you Nicole, I'm glad it's relatable! Sure it would be great for my blog to prosper but I've got more important things to focus on. Keep it up :)