Barcelona Day 3: Bus Tours & Flamenco 💃🏾💃🏾

My third day consisted guessed it...bus tours and flamenco!

Side note: It was also National Tea Day in the UK and being a Brit, I OBVIOUSLY started the day with a cuppa. Not that I don’t almost everyday anyway.

Going on a bus tour is one of the top recommended activities to do there and I can understand why. They’re a great way to see all the sights and travel around the city. 

We passed some of the major sights such as Park Güell, FC Barcelona, all the designer shops, the harbour, back to Montjüic and loads more that I didn't photograph!
The tour that we went on - Barcelona Bus Touristic - has three routes and can be used for a full day (or two) and you can hop-on and off whenever you like. 

During the planning stages of my itinerary, I booked most activities beforehand apart from flamenco as the prices were quite high and for only a short time. No trip to Spain is complete without it, so it was definitely something I wanted to see.

Luckily, there was a flamenco bar close by and the hostess approached and informed us of an upcoming show at a great deal, which we booked! 
Excuse the camera quality, I only had my phone...

It was amazing and it is an absolute must do in Barcelona (I’m sure I’ve said this on all my related posts but they’ve all been must-do’s!)
The day ended with paella and cocktails and whilst the piña colada was muy bien, the paella wasn't, which is disappointing as I love paella. Never mind.

  • 22.5.17

Barcelona Day 2: Montjuïc

If you're into amazing views like me and you're ever in Barcelona, then Montjuïc is the place for you. VIEWS FOR DAYS.

Montjuïc is Barcelona's famous hill that overlooks the harbour and has many other attractions such as the Magic Fountain, the Castle, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and the Olympic Park to name a few. 

 Olympic Park

More on MNAC in a future post!

I'm not big on hiking, so the cable car journey up the hill was an obvious choice.  
I booked it for the day of my birthday as previous birthdays in London haven't consisted of such beautiful scenery. A very welcome change.

Nearer the end of the hill is Poble Espanyol, the Spanish village described as an open-air museum. Another shining example of the city's gorgeous architecture, Poble Espanyol's numerous bars, museums, restaurants, in-house crafters and what feels like a million souvenir shops make it a great way to spend a few hours.

The day ended with the spectacular that is the Magic Fountain. 
Consisting of various fountains choreographed to a pairing of music and light, it's not one to miss and it's free! 

Quick tip: arrive early enough to get a seat on the steps and don't lean on the mini fountains as they also spray water. I'm sure the visitors who were sat on them weren't too pleased that they weren't aware of that prior. 

Stay tuned for Day 3!
  • 8.5.17

Birthday in Barcelona.

As the title suggests, I celebrated my birthday in Barcelona and it was amazing!
Outside of the West Indies, it's my favourite destination so far. The food, the sights, the culture...I enjoyed it all and future visits are 100% happening.

"Concrete jungle" is the perfect description of the city imo. Loads of buildings and loads of palm trees everywhere. Palm trees are kind of my thing, if you didn't know.

Because I get excited whenever I see my name anywhere. Still no keychain though.

I stayed at the Arago312 apartments with the fam in the Eixample district and couldn't recommend it enough. The staff were friendly, the apartments were clean and well provided, spacious and a great value for money (which I am all for.)

 View from the living room #housegoals

The location was a great choice if I do say so myself; walking distance to all the buzz and transport links, but far away to get a decent nights sleep.
I like staying in hotels, but I don't like having to follow a schedule i.e. "breakfast by 10" and the like, so much prefer apartments for that reason.

The streets are peppered with the work of Antoni Gaudi.

Plaça de Catalunya aka Pigeon Central. So. many. pigeons.

The narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter.

Although I was there for only 5 days, a lot was done, seen and photographed in that time, so I'm going to spread my trip over several posts, day by day.

My meal at Divinus during FC Barcelona's disappointing Champions League goal is all I asked for. 

Apple cake with vanilla ice cream and caramelized walnuts. Yes.

More on this view - and even better ones - in my next post!

If Barcelona isn't on your travel wish list, add it now.
  • 1.5.17