Ibiza - not just a party island.


I've been back home for almost a week now. I've caught a cold, went back to work and spent ages looking at beach photos - you know, the usual holiday blues.

Anywho, Ibiza was great, I had such an amazing time! 
The perfect break; chilling at the beach by day, losing my voice and my hearing by night.

It was and wasn't what I expected it to be. The clubbers, the constant dance music and the boozy nightlife were of no surprise, but discovering the old town certainly wasn't on my list.

Of course you go to Ibiza for the clubs, but the island offers more than that, something I learnt nearer the end of my trip. Though, it's not the most child-friendly destination (as you can imagine), so the herds of families vacationing there did confuse me a bit.

I didn't take my camera as I wanted to experience it instead of capturing it but having said that, I still took over 200 photos on my phone...

Saw the sunset every night...

Best. Prawns. Ever. From Marina Playa Restaurant.

 New perfume discovery....ginger or orange to try!

 Holiday magazine discovery...great read at breakfast.

We stayed at the Marina Playa Hotel in San Antonio Bay and I couldn't recommend it enough. 
It's a 30 second walk from the beach, the hotel workers are some of the nicest I've ever met and the crisp white walls and teal accents highlighted the hotel's cleanliness. It's close enough to all the action (or transport towards the action) but also far away enough to get a decent nights sleep and a bit of peace. It was one of the best parts of the holiday, I plan to go back!

My proposed Ibiza Photo Diary post has been split in three, this being the first and the next due on Monday all about the island's hidden gem.

Have you been to Ibiza before? If you haven't, then you should :)


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  2. It actually looks like such a good vacation spot! I have never been there, but maybe I should think about it ;)


  3. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  4. Loved reading this! Please check out my new post.

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  5. Ive yet to visit Ibiza, im just not interested in the nightlife but ive been reading about all the beautiful places it has to offer and now i think i'll have to hit it up! Looking forward to the next post x

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    1. I would definitely recommend it, there's so much more to the island than the nightlife! x

  6. It looks nice. You can't go wrong with friendly service in the hotels too. :)

  7. Oh my~ this has always been my dream destination! Ibiza is so pretty and we can enjoy all the sun and sea! Hope you had tons of fun there. And the food! Those look so yum~~~