Seville: my favourite Spanish city


After Madrid, I knew I'd want to chill for a bit before heading back to city life, so I headed to the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia. 

I've been to quite a few cities in Spain and I think Seville has become my favourite. I was only there for two full days and though it annoyingly rained all on one of those days, the weather was pretty good for the rest of my time there (17 degrees in November is always great.)

 View from the Metropol Parasol - a must do!

 Lemon trees in the Real Alcazar - saw plenty of orange trees dotted along the streets 🍋🍊

Food is life - Paella is in my top 10 favourite foods #LOVEIT 🥘

Living in the concrete jungle that is London, architecture is always something I like to pay attention to on my travels; the patterns and the intricate designs make a nice change from the grey skyscrapers and Brutalist council blocks.

When your outfit almost matches the tiles, a photo must be taken

 The infamous bubble man always drew a crowd (and not just children!)

Few tips:

 - If you're in Seville on a Tuesday or Thursday, head to the Dream Hostel in the evening for some free flamenco 💃
- Seville is a small city and therefore pretty walkable, so public transport isn't needed much
- Head to Bar el Comercio for THE best churros ever. It's quite famous for being the best in the city, so it's quite busy but definitely worth the wait

Despite the lack of people who looked like me, it's a shame I was only in Seville for two full days and I can't wait to go back!

If you're still planning your 2019 travels, Seville would be a great addition.