Madrid: solo trip número tres!


I think November solo trips might become a regular thing for me. 
Last year, it was Lisbon and this year it was Madrid and Seville.

This summer was quite hectic with my job and even though I didn't plan to go on another solo trip this year following Paris, I felt I needed to rectify it.

The main reason I chose to go to Madrid was that of its constant comparisons to Barcelona (which I loved) and whilst I did prefer Barcelona, Madrid still has its charms and felt much less touristy.

As a football fan, I couldn't take a trip to Madrid without visiting Santiago Bernabéu (Real Madrid football stadium FYI). It was definitely a highlight of my trip and would recommend it, even if you're not into football.

Churros in San Miguel Market 

 Royal Palace of Madrid

The weather in Madrid wasn't the best, but as I was only there for three days, most of my itinerary was based inside, so I managed to do almost everything I wanted to.

Madrid also marked my first time staying in a hostel - which I'll get into in another blog post, so stay tuned.

Though I was only in Madrid for three days, I really enjoyed my time there and would consider visiting again - in the summer. I also vlogged my trip, check it out below (and my Insta story here):

Have you been to Madrid? If not, do you plan to?


  1. Oooh, this looks amazing. I've never taken a solo trip, but always imagine it to be peaceful, refreshing, and good for the soul. The Royal Palace of Madrid looks more modern in terms of architecture. Somehow, I always imagine old castles when I think of royal homes.