Is Lanzarote worth a visit?


sea view
Not a bad view to wake up to...

Here in the UK, Lanzarote is sometimes known as 'Lanza-grotty' and having just returned from a family holiday there, I think it's quite harsh.

Lanzarote is a beautiful volcanic island full of ocean views, palm trees and black sand beaches (and cacti!), but as 90% of the island's economy comes from tourism and almost all of them are from good ol' England, it sadly has to cater to that.
These tourists are the all-inclusive types who spend the entire trip at the hotel and barely venture out of it...NOT the type of traveller I am/ever want to be.

black sand beach

teguise market

jamos del agua

maya not mya

epic hotdog
#dontjudgeme, most of my meals were Spanish but I took no pictures as I dove straight in; the seafood was muy bueno.


We stayed in a popular resort, so as you can imagine, it wasn't the most authentic Spanish experience as we were surrounded by sports bars, "FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST SERVED HERE" signs outside the restaurants and the tackiest of souvenirs stores.
Whilst there isn't loads to do, there's enough to keep you entertained for a week or so if you venture out, which we did and of course, you need to have a pool day, right? We took a day trip around the island (it's pretty small), went to the Sunday market in Teguise and had a beach day.
The highlight of the trip was going dolphin spotting. I've always wanted to see wild dolphins and it was such an amazing experience! I annoyingly only had a prime manual lens and they're fast movers; definitely not the easier to capture, but I did get this great shot of one jumping :) check out my Insta for a closer look 🐬

dolphin jumping




Whilst I don't think you need to add Lanzarote to your travel list, I did enjoy my time there and I'm glad I went as it is a beautiful island. I wanted to get away and this was just the break I needed.

Plus, anywhere by the ocean with palm trees and sunshine is always a win for me.