My second solo trip: Disappointed in Paris


Maya and Eiffel Tower

Paris, France. Hailed as one of the most amazing cities in the world and somewhere you absolutely have to visit during your lifetime.

Having gone to Disneyland over a decade ago without venturing into the city, I felt I should check it out, so I chose it as the destination for my second solo trip. A decision which I kinda regret.

Locks on a bridge
Confession: Paris isn’t that great.

I’ll try to not be super negative about the city because most of it is beautiful and I can understand why people flock to it, but I think it's overrated and highly romanticised.

Notre dame

Ferris wheel on a river

Saint Chapelle
Sainte Chapelle, the highlight of my trip

I stayed in Alfortville, which is 20 mins outside the hustle and bustle of the capital.
I chose to stay here A) because I'm a light sleeper and B) I vowed not to do anything touristy.
But that didn't last long as I wasn't sure on what else to do tbh, so I went to a few of the sights (Eiffel, Notre Dame, Champs-Élysées) and had some tasty crepés.

I have a thing about dirt and I’m rarely without something antibacterial. Again, I don’t mean to generalise the whole city, but 80% of where I visited was in dire need of a good Febreeze, ESPECIALLY the subways which all possessed the fragrance of public toilets (sorry, but it's true.)
I was quite shocked and it was one of the main reasons why I didn’t enjoy my time there.

Pigeon newlyweds at Notre Dame

Snowy streets

I love a diverse city, so that’s always a win and the people I came across were very polite.
It was cold, rained almost daily and snowed on my last two days, which might have slightly contributed to me not enjoying it as much, but I doubt I would’ve loved the city if it was 30°C. People have said to me that Paris is best explored with people, but I went to Lisbon alone and had an amazing time, sooo 🤷🏾‍♀️

Maya on a bridge

Paris is really pretty at night and I took some decent photos, but overall, I left feeling very underwhelmed and have no plans to return anytime soon.

Have you been to Paris? Do you think I'm being totes rude or nah?


  1. Least you're honest about it rather than exaggerating how good a certain place is. I sometimes think other travellers and travel bloggers can end up doing exactly that when they write about it. Not every city or destination is for everyone!

    I went Paris for my first solo trip for a day and I thoroughly enjoyed it, probably because it was my first time going to a foreign country alone so I relished the opportunity but the sights, the wandering around another city and the food is what pulled me in. It is a bit too expensive though and the weather wasn't that great either till the afternoon. But like with every city and country,every traveller is different with different tastes and interests in aspects of travel.

    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

    1. Thank you, I never like to be too negative about a place but I'm always going to be honest!
      I did enjoy the food and seeing some of the sights but not much else. But as you said, not everywhere is for everyone :)