Though I get to celebrate the birthdays of several family members, January isn't one of my favourite months. It's long, it's cold and the excitement of a new year doesn't last that long. Having said that, I've had a pretty good January...


Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba

I made it my mission to read more this year and this one has been on my list for a while. I've almost finished it and it's been an enjoyable read. It's the perfect book for creative working women in need of a bit of inspiration, advice and tips on building a successful career. Some of it may seem like stuff you already know, but reading it from another perspective (especially from one as highly knowledgeable as Otegha) helps drill it into your mind.


Birds And The BEE9 - Sampa The Great

Appropriate title because her music is great. Bye River has been on daily repeat throughout January, as has this whole mixtape. I love her fusion of genres paired with the poetic lyrics and her flow. She's definitely one to watch. Rhymes To The East is another recommendation.

I've also started listening to Otegha Uwagba's podcast, In Good Company, which - like her book - is full of practical advice for working women and I've really been enjoying it so far.


I finally made it to Basquiat: Boom For Real at the Barbican and I was quite disappointed. It was inspiring to see such a wide variety of his work, but the vibrancy and the energy in Basquiat's work weren't reflected in the space; it felt sterile, lethargic and could've been any random exhibition.
I went on a private view for under 25-year-olds, so I expected it to be buzzing, but people were whispering and tip-toeing around...it just wasn't what it should've been in my opinion. But it was amazing to learn more about him as an artist and his influence on art, music, fashion and New York in general.


I booked my second solo trip, woo!
As soon as I touched down from my first solo trip, I was already planning my next one. It's great to travel with other people and I do enjoy it, but having the complete freedom of doing what you want, when you want without having to plan for/with other people just can't be beaten.
Planning to travel with other people can be a long process and things keep changing and never get confirmed and #aintnobodygottimeforthat (bringing it back in 2018)
If you want to go somewhere, just go. Solo travel is life.

How was your January? Do you have any podcast recommendations?

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