When planning my trip to Lisbon, Sintra was top of the list.
It's often referred to as the "Portuguese Disneyland" and after visiting, I can see why.

Sintra is located around 40 minutes outside of Lisbon and is easily accessible via the train. The main attractions are dotted across the steep hills of the picturesque town but thankfully, the 434 bus was designed for visitors to see all the sights.

I went during the low season and on a Monday, so it wasn't overcrowded but was still fairly busy. I arrived early afternoon, which isn't enough for all five sights, so my top choices were Castelo dos Mouros and Pena Palace, both of which I had plenty of time to explore.

The Castelo dos Mouros was one of the highlights of my trip and provided me with some of the best views. Again, great views come at a price as there's a lot of walking involved, but definitely worth it!

Pena Palace is responsible for Sintra's Disneyland comparisons and was an absolute must during my 6 days in Portugal. My camera died and isn't the greatest, but it still captured the beauty of the architecture.

Quick tips:

  • Go early in the morning and on a weekday if possible 
  • Bring extra cash for the shuttle bus to Castelo dos Mouros (or walk up another hill)
  • BRING FOOD - other than the town, there's hardly anywhere to eat around the sights 
  • Buy a combined ticket for the sights as it's cheaper
  • There's a lot of walking involved, so wear comfortable shoes
The architecture, the details, the nature - Sintra is a beautiful town and will definitely see me again.

Sintra: The Jewel of Portugal

When planning my trip to Lisbon, Sintra was top of the list. It's often referred to as the "Portuguese Disneyland" and aft...
Lisbon solo vlog

It's only been a few days since my first solo trip and I've jumped right back into work, so I'm still processing it. Update below!

Upon my arrival, I was greeted with sunshine and palm trees, so I started my trip on a good note. I stayed in Alfama, one of the older and STEEPEST districts, and as beautiful as it was, my calves have never worked so much! 

Public transport is super effective and WAY cheaper than London but the Portuguese city is best explored on foot, so comfortable shoes are an absolute must  if you plan on sightseeing and especially if you plan on visiting Alfama.

I took a fairly different route to and from my Airbnb almost every time due to the maze-like streets - basically I kept getting lost - and discovered some pretty cool artwork and cute cafes by the dozen.

My favourite thing about travelling are views like this. I could do nothing else on my travels but see views like this (and eat, of course) and I’m happy. Viewpoints are dotted across the city; São Jorge Castle has some of the best.

I took virtually no photos of any food as it was so good, I dived straight in. Bacalhau was my favourite, a fish cake of sorts, and as a lover of seafood, my options were endless. Salmon, cod, prawns, sardines...endless.

Confession, though I did plan on trying a pastry from Pastéis de Belém, I didn’t because that queue wasn’t worth it for I’d probably dislike. Next time.

I find it quite difficult to condense a trip into a blog post without it being super long or dragged across several posts and found making a vlog much easier. I have more photos over on the 'gram.

Upcoming Lisbon posts on Sintra, Cascais and the best in street art, so stay tuned.