Don't knock the 9 to 5


Motivational quotes on a desk.

Growing up, I never wanted to work a '9 to 5' as I thought of an office job as the grey cubicle, the dull repetition of menial tasks and being bored AF. I felt you couldn't be creative in that environment.

But yet, I find myself in my third office job and I'm enjoying it. And that's because my job isn't boring AF. I work in digital marketing, which basically means I'm on Twitter and Instagram all day lol jk, but social media is a big chunk of it. 

As I've mentioned previously, I've found my career path and see myself working in it for the next 10, 15 years until the robots take over.

Sure, every millennial's dream job is being a digital nomad; travelling the world, taking pictures and earning money to do so.
I'm sure most people choose it over working Monday to Friday; we've all read the odd "I quit my job to travel the world!" blog post and whilst it's not impossible, it's not that feasible.

Here's a few pros and cons of working 9 to 5 #whatawaytomakealiving:


Having a regular salary is my most important reason for working full-time, especially as I live in an expensive city. 'There's more important things than money' yes, we all know that, but food and rent do not come for free. 


You work hard to help someone else achieve their goals and it's not always recognised or appreciated as it should be. Working for yourself means putting all your time and energy into your own success AND benefitting from it.


The people you work with impact on how much you enjoy your job, so it's great when you're working with a team of people that you get on with. I now consider some of my former colleagues friends and I'm grateful to have both met and worked with them. 


25-30 days seems to be the average holiday employers give, so travel time is limited. You can't travel for months at a time and are often limited to 2 weeks in a row, unless you're in a higher position.


Not just being an intern and working your way up to a senior role, but also in terms of the experience and knowledge you gain from employment. 


You can get too comfortable if you have a steady job with a steady income and this may reduce the amount of risks you take. That comfort can also lead to boredom and lack of caring, which isn't great as you're spending most of your time there.


Working Mon-Fri does feel like it takes over your life sometimes and in all honesty, I don't think I'll ever have a GREAT work/life balance whilst full-timing and getting my all important 8 hours sleep.

Working full-time isn't for everyone, especially the younger generations, but coming from someone in their mid 20's who once hated the thought of it, it's not all that bad.
Even though I listed more cons than pros.

Do I want to work in an office until I reach retirement? No.
Do I see myself doing it for the next 10 years or so? Yes.


  1. Lovely read! I actually really enjoy my corporate day job in marketing too! So many bloggers work towards going full time with their blog but I'm honestly quite happy with it being a side project for
    now. Like you, one of my main reasons for this is the security - I just don't know that blogging would be a sustainable income source for me!

    And secondly the PEOPLE play such a huge part...I get along with my colleagues really well and it's also introduced me to so many different kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds.

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    1. Thank you Sinéad :)
      Definitely the same, though I do want to be regular with it, I doubt it'll ever be my full-time job (or provide with a liveable amount of income lol)