From Photo to Illustration

I create this transition GIF using both the original photograph and the edited illustration of myself. I created the illustration in Adobe Illustrator (obvz)

I've never been that good at art and crafts. I can't draw, I can't sew and my handwriting is slightly neater than chicken scratch, so I'm glad I've found another way to create art.

I've been using Photoshop since my school days and I'm fairly comfortable with it.
There's a lot of ridiculously expensive graphic classes available, but self-teaching (in my opinion) is the best way to learn this stuff.
I've spent many a hour watching video tutorials on Adobe TV because I'm nerdy like that and believe there's an amazing graphics designer waiting to be unleashed.

An illustration of Drake created via a photograph I took at one of his concerts.
 My first illustration from a Drake concert photo a few years back - I'm no fan girl BTW...

Using the same image trace technique, created this outfit illustration

My favourite of the Adobe products is Illustrator as I quite like turning photographs into illustrations - like the ones in this post - all without having to pick up a pencil.
I create these using the image trace function and edit a lot of the details and colours until I'm satisfied, which is never so I'm always editing!

A photograph of the London skyline

London eye illustration

This one took me quite a while to do and I'm still tweaking it as I'd like to re-add the detail of the Eye and some of the clouds, but it's a good start.

I'm no expert and still have a lot to improve on, but I'm enjoying the learning process and would like to create a varied portfolio of work. Who knows where it could lead to?

Have you created illustrations out of your photographs before? (If not, give it a try!)

Social Media Shutdown

As someone whose job is primarily focused on social media, it can be quite difficult to escape it, but as I had a few weeks until my start date, I decided to take a break. 
NO Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (which I rarely use anyway) or Snapchat. FOR TWO WEEKS 😱😱

It's annoying when everyone's tweeting about something I have no interest in and this was one of those times, so it felt like a good time for a sabbatical.

"OMG I can't believe *insert celebrity name* did that!" 

"Why did *insert Youtube couple* break up, they were #goals!"


I scroll past. 

Scrolling through Instagram and checking Twitter as soon as I wake up is such a bad habit that we ALL do - don't lie - and it's something I'm trying to stop. I thought uninstalling the apps on my phone would stop me reaching for it first thing, but instead of checking my social media, I'd check my emails, calendar and random apps for no real reason. Still working on it.

So, how was the hiatus? Good and bad.

I had a lot more free time to do something productive, but as much as I hate to admit it, FOMO immediately kicked in. Twitter is one of, if not, my main source of news and even though I was still up to date with the world, I felt like I was missing out. WHICH IS SO BAD. 
But as time went on, it felt normal and I got used to not using any social media. I was still talking to people, I still existed and life went on without memes and hashtags. 

The super smiley, sunshine-y 'my-life-is-so-amazing' photos we see on the 'Gram have been curated to look super smiley and sunshine-y and we all know people only post the positive parts of their lives, so it makes no sense to compare yourself to them. I understand it's difficult when that's all you ever see, so it's important to take a break from it. 

Focus on spending your time in reality as I'm sure you'll get a better representation of life than you would via a blogger's Instagram.