Barcelona Day 2: Montjuïc


If you're into amazing views like me and you're ever in Barcelona, then Montjuïc is the place for you. VIEWS FOR DAYS.

Montjuïc is Barcelona's famous hill that overlooks the harbour and has many other attractions such as the Magic Fountain, the Castle, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and the Olympic Park to name a few. 

 Olympic Park

More on MNAC in a future post!

I'm not big on hiking, so the cable car journey up the hill was an obvious choice.  
I booked it for the day of my birthday as previous birthdays in London haven't consisted of such beautiful scenery. A very welcome change.

Nearer the end of the hill is Poble Espanyol, the Spanish village described as an open-air museum. Another shining example of the city's gorgeous architecture, Poble Espanyol's numerous bars, museums, restaurants, in-house crafters and what feels like a million souvenir shops make it a great way to spend a few hours.

The day ended with the spectacular that is the Magic Fountain. 
Consisting of various fountains choreographed to a pairing of music and light, it's not one to miss and it's free! 

Quick tip: arrive early enough to get a seat on the steps and don't lean on the mini fountains as they also spray water. I'm sure the visitors who were sat on them weren't too pleased that they weren't aware of that prior. 

Stay tuned for Day 3!


  1. I love that picture of you in the red coat, looking at architecture. It's an appropriate color for Spain! Those views are incredible. Heh, I would've opted for the cable car, too, as they're fun to ride over high places!

    1. Pretty sure I spent most of my trip looking up and thank you!

  2. Reading travel blogs like this made me miss exploring new places. I love this post! Thanks for virtually taking us with you. <3


    1. Thank you, I love exploring new places and reading travel blogs is a great way to do that from home!