Art in February & March.

The Design Museum, London.

My round-up of the art-y things I attended in February and March:

'What does it mean to be a female curator of colour? What does it mean to curate from the 'black' female body?'  
BDIWB brought four black female curators together to try to answer these questions, drawing from their own experiences. Diversity, visibility and the success & failures of previous generations were all hot topics and the audience was very lively in response. Very encouraging to see young, passionate women of colour succeeding!

Jennifer Walshe: Sound Salon with Michael Waugh

This focussed on the "Post-Internet" world and the impact social media has on today's music. Narcissism, oversharing, information overload and the rise of social personas were key themes. 
This takes place monthly at Somerset House Studios and I believe the last one is in May. If so, I'll try to attend as I enjoyed it.

FITM is a fusion of theatre, comedy, karaoke and dance by a young group of performers called Sounds Like Chaos. Parachutes, bright lights and 80's disco music made for a unique and entertaining experience. It was edgy, interactive and highlighted some of the issues young people face. If you're in London and able to catch a show, I suggest you do.

Moonlight is such an important film for not only the black community, but for everyone and is worthy of all the accolades it's received. Everyone has their own personal beliefs and is entitled to, but ignore all the ignorant opinions and judge for yourself.

👏 SUCH 👏 A 👏 GOOD 👏 FILM. 
I'm not one for romantic movies, so I'd much rather watch Resident Evil than The Notebook. Some people find that weird and if it is, then I'm glad to be weird. 
It's not a particularly jumpy film for those not a fan of horror, it's more mind-messy. And don't let the "horror comedy" tag fool you, it's no Scary Movie crap-fest.
It's a really well written movie; Jordan Peele did a great job. Not one to miss!


Have you been to any art shows recently?

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