More than two years in the planning stage and I've finally got tattoo number two.
I got my first almost 7 birthdays ago and whilst I won't be getting full sleeves, I've always wanted another one.

My first was on my foot and hurt like hell; 9/10 at certain points. I'm good with needles and pain so it was bearable. Just about. 
Bonier parts of the body (feet, ribs, ankles etc.) are the most painful, so I was surprised that the fleshy forearm wasn't as pain-free as I expected. Though I may or may not add more to it,
we'll see...

Awkward twisty arm pose..not the easiest to photograph!

The worst thing about getting a tattoo IMO is the itching and not being able to scratch it.
Like ermahgerd. Some good cream and mental strength is definitely needed.

So what does it mean? Travel, adventure, sunshine; a homage to my West Indian heritage.

But what it REALLY means is "I like palm trees and I like tattoos."
It doesn't have to be that deep 😊