Old Film.

Barbados, 2004. Thought I had no photos from this holiday!
If you didn't wear Von Dutch in the noughties, were you even cool? 

Deep inside the under-the-stairs cupboard, there's a bag of film that's been collecting dust for at least a decade. As digital photography took over, they were pushed further back and soon forgotten about. "I really should get them processed", I'd say whenever I came across them.
Now I've finally made a start; some of them date from the 90's!

From my first Fisher Price camera to my current smartphone, photography has always been something I've enjoyed (like us all), though I've not pursued it further than a hobby.

In this first batch, there were a few disappointments as some were taken in poorly lit areas, but the ones that DID come out well, paired with the excitement of discovering what was captured all those years ago brought back happy memories. Cringeworthy outfits, loved ones no longer with us and the random photo of gifted teddy bears.

I'm glad that film photography is still alive and that it's still relatively cheap to process.
(Though the same can't be said for 110 film.)

Do you have any old unprocessed film from back in the day? If so, get them done!

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