Dear Future Self.

First of all, Happy New Year! We made it!

"New year, new me" NOPE. I'll have none of that.

I used to set myself New Year resolutions but like most, I'd be annoyed with myself when I failed to achieve them. I'll always set goals for myself as it's important to have something to aim for but instead, I have more general life goals and more realistic mini-goals for each month.

January 1st 2017. I'm scrolling through HNY messages and looking back on the memes that got us through 2016 and I get a notification. It's an email I sent to myself a few months ago to be read on this date. "WTF is she on about?" I'll tell you. allows you to send emails into the future - up until to 2067 which is insane - and I might make this my new annual tradition. The first day of every year (or close enough), I'll read the email I sent a year ago and compose a new one; reflecting on the year gone by and motivation for the year to come.

Do you set yourself goals for the new year?

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