Art in November.

Here's a quick roundup of the arty things I saw last month:

🎷 Masego 🎷

I discovered his music a few months ago and it's been on repeat ever since. He's mastered the art of fusing trap, house and mainly jazz - #traphousejazz as he calls it - and he does it well.
I went to his gig in Shoreditch earlier in November and it was amazing, this guy is a talent!
He plays the sax, the piano, a bunch of other instruments and he can sing.
Recommended tracks: I Do Everything, 73 Degrees Outside, Too Much.

Infinite Mix

No photos from this one,A) because it's a video-art exhibition and B) I was immersed in the experience.
The Infinite Mix features 10 video artworks of various subjects such as dance, spoken word, documentary and science. Each is displayed in a separate room in the labyrinth that is the Hayward Gallery and are around 10 mins each.

Top three:
- Kahlil Joseph, m.A.A.d (of Kendrick Lamar fame, my favourite of the show)
- Jeremy Deller & Cecilia Bengolea - Bom Bom's Dream (Dancehall culture and plenty LOLs)
- Ugo Rondinone - THANX 4 NOTHING (Best visual use of space in my opinion)

The show's been extended until this Sunday and it's free, so if you have a spare hour or so (there's a lot to see and a bit of queuing), I highly recommend it; it's worth the rave reviews!

National Gallery

One of the many floors in the National Gallery made for foot selfies...

I went for work so maybe it doesn't count, but I did walk around afterwards, though not everywhere as the National Gallery is mahoosive.
It was my first time there, which is pretty bad considering I've lived in London all my life, though I've been outside it plenty of times.
I have a ticket for their current exhibition so expect to see more in December.

Have you been to any art shows recently?


  1. I can't wait to visit National Gallery for myself! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a cold day!

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