New URL - who dis?

The creative process of designing your "blogo" (blog logo)...

So, what's the story behind Maya not Mya? Well...

My name is Maya and it's pronounced May-ah, but the common pronunciation is My-ah, so I've spent a large chunk of my life correcting people.
To me, the extra "a" means it's pronounced differently to Mya, but obviously I would say that. I've met a few Maya's with the My-ah pronunciation, but I know there's some fellow May-ah's out there, I'm not the only one!

Hopefully that made sense to you. It probably didn't, but if we spoke in person, you'd
totally get it.

I chose Maya Not Mya 1) as a "brand name" of sorts and 2) as a way for people to pronounce my name correctly, which, to my surprise, has actually worked.
All of my social media is under MNM, give or take an underscore.
My Snapchat - mayas.snaps - being the exception #shamelessplug

And to be honest, I wasn't comfortable using my full name so it is!

Random story - someone once asked me if my name is Maya because I was born in May. I said no as I was born in April and her response was "So why wasn't you called April?" 

She was dead serious as well.


  1. So interesting to see your creative process! I've been slowly tweaking my "blogo" as well, I'm never quite sure if I'm happy with it but this is the closest I've been to happy. I really like what you ended up with :D

    1. Thank you! I don't think I'll ever be 100% happy either, the creative process is never ending :)