Treasure Tress.

It's really important to take care of your hair and afro hair requires a bit more TLC, especially in the winter. UK naturals, this one is for you! 
Though if you're not in the UK or don't have afro hair, please keep reading also :) 

I've always had natural hair, meaning I've never relaxed or chemically processed it, but I used to straighten it a lot and had quite a bit of heat damage. 
My hair is quite naturally curly so in June 2015, I decided to ditch the straighteners as I wanted to restore my curls and have strong, healthy hair. 
Finding the right products can be difficult when your hair is as fine as mine, so this is where Treasure Tress comes in!

Treasure Tress is a monthly subscription box containing natural hair products for Afro girls and guys and is a rarity in the UK. For £20 a month, you get 4-5 full size products which themselves cost around £17-£18 each, so it's a pretty good bargain.

This is my third box and have since temporarily cancelled my subscription as it takes me a while to use up products, but I will be renewing my subscription (and posting reviews!) as it's a great service and such value for money!

I'm very minimal when it comes to products (haircare, skincare, makeup etc.) and once I find something that works, I stick with it. 

Are you subscribed to any subscription boxes? 

Colours of Autumn.

We could all do with some cheering up so let's gaze at the nature of beauty for a minute or so...

Lunch break + Samsung S6 + park within walking distance = mini nature shoot.
I did some desaturation in Lightroom to highlight the rich reds, yellows and oranges.

Shorter days and the drop in temperature denies Autumn from being my favourite season as I live for the sun, but its vibrant colour palette means it comes in at second place.

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

Peace & Love.

Inspired by a street artist I saw and recent events...

+ ❤

Peace and love to all people of colour.
Peace and love to all women.
Peace and love to the LGBT community.

Peace and love to all refugees.
Peace and love to all religions.
Peace and love to all ages.

Peace and love to those who fought to give us a better future.
Peace and love to those who voted to remain.
Peace and love to those who stand up against hate.

Peace and love to those who live in fear.
Peace and love to those who struggle everyday.
Peace and love to us all.

Peace and love isn't enough to heal the world, but there's a great lack of it.

☮ + ❤

New URL - who dis?

The creative process of designing your "blogo" (blog logo)...

So, what's the story behind Maya not Mya? Well...

My name is Maya and it's pronounced May-ah, but the common pronunciation is My-ah, so I've spent a large chunk of my life correcting people.
To me, the extra "a" means it's pronounced differently to Mya, but obviously I would say that. I've met a few Maya's with the My-ah pronunciation, but I know there's some fellow May-ah's out there, I'm not the only one!

Hopefully that made sense to you. It probably didn't, but if we spoke in person, you'd
totally get it.

I chose Maya Not Mya 1) as a "brand name" of sorts and 2) as a way for people to pronounce my name correctly, which, to my surprise, has actually worked.
All of my social media is under MNM, give or take an underscore.
My Snapchat - mayas.snaps - being the exception #shamelessplug

And to be honest, I wasn't comfortable using my full name so it is!

Random story - someone once asked me if my name is Maya because I was born in May. I said no as I was born in April and her response was "So why wasn't you called April?" 

She was dead serious as well.

Day 365.

I assure you, there was tea in this cup. A proper builder's brew.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Maya Not Mya!

I've learnt a lot about blogging this past year, more than I have with previous attempts.
I was so focused on the numbers, i.e comments and followers, that I was creating content based on what was popular or trending at the time, which wasn't always stuff I had an interest in.

Now I write what I'm passionate about, which is what you're supposed to do, isn't it?
I'm enjoying it more and the words seem to flow a lot easier.
There's over 150 million blogs in the world so staying true to yourself is pretty important.

I'm glad I laid the pressure off from the start by stating I'll be a fortnightly blogger, because that's what I am and will be. I'd like to blog more regularly but I have other priorities.
If something pops up, there may be one or two posts a week but as for a set schedule, it'll be every other Monday (unless there's a particular post like this which is a Tuesday.)

I commend those who blog whilst having a full-time job because it's so time-consuming!
I was one of those sceptics who scoffed whenever bloggers said that, but it really is.

I'm happy with the content I've produced over the past year, though I've never been 100% happy with the typography. My blog has had more fonts than you've had skinny lattes.

I've got the new URL, I'll hopefully have a new camera soon and I've got a few ideas coming up so here's a toast to year two *clinks mug*

Thank you to all that have read, commented and followed my blog, it's much appreciated! x