Art in September.

Made You Look Exhibition

It's been two years since I officially started working in the creative arts (excluding fashion) and I'm committed to developing my career, so I've made it my mission to attend at least 4 art - or art related - exhibition/events a month. It's important to keep in the know and it's a productive (and enjoyable) way to spend a day off.

Here's what I saw this month:

Rastafari in Motion.

Rastafari in Motion

Held at the Black Cultural Archives Heritage Institution, RIM told the evolutionary story of the Rastafari movement in Britain from the early 1920's to the current day and its contributions to British society. It was also a celebration of the 80th anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie’s appearance before the League of Nations.

Teachings on Black History were far and few between during my school years so I'm glad that exhibitions - and cultural centres like BCA - exist ✊🏾

The best education happens outside of the classroom.

Homeless Library + Poetry Library

The Homeless Library told the personal stories of those affected by homelessness in Manchester and gave first-hand insights to their lives through poetry, artworks and interviews in. Millions around the world are homeless and their voices need to be heard. As awful as their stories were, it's somewhat refreshing to hear how their involvement in the project changed the lives of some for the better. Read the stories here.

"We live in a rich society, everyone should have a home to feel safe..."

The Poetry Library, which played host to THL, is the world's largest public collection of modern poetry and a must visit for someone like me who's trying to develop their creative writing.
It was my first trip to the Library despite numerous visits to the Southbank Centre and it's the perfect space to shake off dreaded writers block so I'll definitely be going back!

Made You Look

"Stay laced in the best, well dressed with finesse."
The lyrics of Nas' 'Made You Look' were spread across a small wall in a corner of the exhibition. Pretty cool.

I'm a big fan of photography (who isn't?), street photography in particular. I like the authenticity of street photography, the realness.
The exhibition, as you can see from the helpful photo above, explored masculinity amongst black men and the flamboyant lifestyle of a "dandy" - something that required a bit of Googling admittedly.

I felt so plain in my black jeans and ankle boots. The outfits were sharp as hell.

There's a few shows and exhibitions I'm looking forward to seeing this month so stay tuned for October's edit.

Did you go to any art shows last month? Do you plan to go to any this month?

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  1. This is so cool! I recently went to the Met, and I should add more exhibits to the list for the fall, since the weather will be cold!

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