My Fashion Week Experience.

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012. My first fashion week.

I'm young and inexperienced with a dream to "make it" in fashion. A glamorous involvement I do not have for I am a model chaperone. My job is to use my expert knowledge of my hometown (with some help from Google Maps) to escort a model to and from various castings.

I arrive at the agency promptly and am seated with others in my position. I gaze upon a familiar face and ask of her experiences to prepare myself for the week; I have to get everything right.
After darting across London for a few days, surviving on Tesco’s sandwiches - Light Choices of course - and lukewarm Fiji water, my model and I have become acquaintances. We're about the same age and share stories of our journey so far. Mine pale in comparison to hers of Shanghai travels and annual skiing trips. The week continues and day three takes us to the former home of London Fashion Week - Somerset House - as there's a casting taking place.

As we walk around in search of it, surrounded by models, bloggers and stylish sisters, my initial excitement disappears and I'm feeling uneasy. I'm not alone as I’m with a friend but...she is one of them. She’s dressed as casual as me, more so even, but I feel out of place.

“Why is she here?"
"Who is she?" 
"She must be lost” 

These words were never spoken but I've suddenly gained the ability to read minds.
20 minutes later, we're eventually escorted to the casting and my time at London Fashion Week comes to a close.

My uneasiness wasn't because I felt like I didn't belong.
It was because I didn't want to belong, but for years I thought I did.

WHAT am I going to do now?

At first it felt like a failure, but four years and three internships later, it turns out it was a very valuable experience. I've now found the career for me and I'm passionate about it :)

Sometimes, the only way you'll know if something is right for you is to do it.

Fresh eyes + poetry.

New term. New season. New vision.

For someone who's been wearing glasses for around 15 years, getting a new pair of glasses every two years is a welcome refresh. But only since opticians recognised that most wearers of glasses consider them to be a key part of their personal style and probably want something sleeker than a pair of Coke Bottles.

My eyes see the world in soft focus so I wear them all the time (well, most of the time) and as I gravitate towards black clothing, I try to add colour from accessories: bags, shoes, glasses. Admittedly, they're not the most colourful or exciting but they suit my needs.

To break them in, I ordered some new reading material.
I attended a mentor session a few months back where Selina Nwulu - current Young Poet Laurate for London - gave a talk and recited her poem Curriculum Vitae, which resonated with me. As I'm slowly getting back into creative writing, I'm sure her chapbook, Secrets I Let Slip, will provide some great inspiration. I received Hashtag Poetry# - which explores the hidden poetry in Twitter - as a gift from the publishers, which was a nice surprise!

Are you into poetry or creative writing? Any suggestions are more than welcome :)