Yayoi Kusama + Off to Ibiza!

Whether you're into art or not, you may have seen the infamous pumpkin selfie on someone's Instagram.

Though I hadn't visited the Victoria Miro Gallery before, I'm guessing Yayoi Kusama's exhibition, Where the Lights in My Heart Go, saw a rise in their visitor numbers.

Ah, the pumpkins, stars of the show. Located on the gallery's upper floor, each person or pair gets 25 seconds in each mirror room - this one called All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins.

Tweets from the Gallery warning visitors about 1.5hr waits worried me slightly but I had time in the morning to go + only waited 20 mins or so. The polished bronze sculptures dotted around were a nice addition to pass the time.

There's more than just the pumpkins, of course. The chandelier room - Chandelier of Grief - was equally as fabulous in all the 25 seconds I had to enjoy it.

Narcissus Garden

As I walked around the gallery, I noticed almost everyone had Instagram or a camera app open, myself included. The mirror rooms are a great addition to your timeline but time is limited, so don't spend it all staring at your phone screen. Enjoy it.

My main tip is to go EARLY! And preferably during the week. 
I got there at around 10:30am + walked right into the gallery. When I left, a looong queue had formed.

It finishes this Saturday so there's not long left but do visit if you can.

SIDE NOTE: As you read this, I'll be making my way to Ibiza! 
(Or already there or have since returned home, depending on when you read this, of course.)

A much needed holiday indeed. I've decided not to bring my camera as I just want to enjoy my week there but I trust in the quality of my phone to take some decent shots. 
I may or may not do a Ibiza Photo Diary on my return.

I'll definitely be Snapchattin' + posting the occasional Insta so check me out there :)


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the idea of this gallery too.

    x. Cattleya