Six tips on saving money!

I did think about waiting until the new year to post this, but it should be a "way of life" as opposed to a new year resolution imo. (Plus it probably helps before the Boxing Day/January sales...)
These tips seem so obvious and you probably do some of these yourself but there's some people who are terrible at managing their money so hopefully these will be of use!


Write down all of your monthly expenses, starting off with the most important e.g rent, bills, food, travel etc. I have an excel spreadsheet with my incoming and outgoing finances which I access both at home and on the go to keep track. I've used it for years and it's definitely helped me manage my budget.


On payday, the first thing I do is put money into my savings account. You never know when you might need it so for me, this is the most important thing because I like to save for the future. It's quick to do and gives you peace of mind.

USE CASH (whilst we still can!) 

I admit, I'm guilty of not doing this as often as I should because let's face it, it's so much easier to pay with card. I'm a bit paranoid about accidental payments so I don't use contactless or pay with my phone. On the other hand, I don't like to walk with cash because if I lose the money, then it's gone but if I lose the card, I can call the bank, cancel the card and my money's safe. But physically handing over cash can make you more of a tight-arse, which isn't a bad thing.


For a 20-something year old, this can be difficult. Those shoes, the lazy 10 minute Uber ride and the daily trip to Costa can all add up, so ensure you've paid everything off. Food and hot water > the latest Michael Kors bag. However...


Saving money can feel like a chore and to completely cut yourself off from spending any money can make you feel worse and you might go on a big splurge. There's a saying - "I can't spend my money when I'm dead" - which is true, I suppose know... don't go OTT.


To backtrack, I am a bit of a hypocrite as in the past, I've bought stuff that - for years - never ventured outside of my wardrobe. Space is limited so rather than buying a lot of new stuff, I try replace something old or unused.
Depop is great for selling clothes, accessories, books etc; I've used it for over a year, sold a bunch of stuff and gained some precious wardrobe space.

Do you follow any of these tips? If not, how do you manage your money?
  • 19.12.16

Day 365.

I assure you, there was tea in this cup. A proper builder's brew.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Maya Not Mya!

I've learnt a lot about blogging this past year, more than I have with previous attempts.
I was so focused on the numbers, i.e comments and followers, that I was creating content based on what was popular or trending at the time, which wasn't always stuff I had an interest in.

Now I write what I'm passionate about, which is what you're supposed to do, isn't it?
I'm enjoying it more and the words seem to flow a lot easier.
There's over 150 million blogs in the world so staying true to yourself is pretty important.

I'm glad I laid the pressure off from the start by stating I'll be a fortnightly blogger, because that's what I am and will be. I'd like to blog more regularly but I have other priorities.
If something pops up, there may be one or two posts a week but as for a set schedule, it'll be every other Monday (unless there's a particular post like this which is a Tuesday.)

I commend those who blog whilst having a full-time job because it's so time-consuming!
I was one of those sceptics who scoffed whenever bloggers said that, but it really is.

I'm happy with the content I've produced over the past year, though I've never been 100% happy with the typography. My blog has had more fonts than you've had skinny lattes.

I've got the new URL, I'll hopefully have a new camera soon and I've got a few ideas coming up so here's a toast to year two *clinks mug*

Thank you to all that have read, commented and followed my blog, it's much appreciated! x

  • 1.11.16

Diversity Loading...

Diversity is important, we all know that. So why is there still so little of it?

I attended Ballet Black earlier this month and it was an amazing show, such class and quality!
Ballet Black is a professional ballet company for Black and Asian dancers that aims to diversify ballet both in the audience and on the stage. They also teach dance classes too, so they're ushering in a new generation of dancers and I'm very glad the company exists, though it shouldn't have to.

I also attended a Young People in Arts talk on diversity on the arts and I wanted to share my favourite quotes from the panel:

"Every person of colour would have been told by their parents that they have to be better than their white counterparts in order to succeed."

"The things you learn by learning an instrument equips you for life."

"The glass ceiling is a figment of your imagination. If you don't acknowledge it, then it doesn't have to be your reality."

"If 44% of the workforce are from a 'minority' (I hate that word) background, then where are they? Clearly not in senior positions!"

"Why are we always trying to get a slice of the cake? Why can' we bake our own?"

We live in a diverse society and the creative industries should be most representative of that. Representation is so important. People naturally feel more comfortable when they see someone who looks like them.
Race, gender and disability are still so under-represented within the workforce, but there's a lot of talk going on so things are starting to change. I think. I hope.

What's your opinion on diversity?
  • 17.10.16

My Fashion Week Experience.

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012. My first fashion week.

I'm young and inexperienced with a dream to "make it" in fashion. A glamorous involvement I do not have for I am a model chaperone. My job is to use my expert knowledge of my hometown (with some help from Google Maps) to escort a model to and from various castings.

I arrive at the agency promptly and am seated with others in my position. I gaze upon a familiar face and ask of her experiences to prepare myself for the week; I have to get everything right.
After darting across London for a few days, surviving on Tesco’s sandwiches - Light Choices of course - and lukewarm Fiji water, my model and I have become acquaintances. We're about the same age and share stories of our journey so far. Mine pale in comparison to hers of Shanghai travels and annual skiing trips. The week continues and day three takes us to the former home of London Fashion Week - Somerset House - as there's a casting taking place.

As we walk around in search of it, surrounded by models, bloggers and stylish sisters, my initial excitement disappears and I'm feeling uneasy. I'm not alone as I’m with a friend but...she is one of them. She’s dressed as casual as me, more so even, but I feel out of place.

“Why is she here?"
"Who is she?" 
"She must be lost” 

These words were never spoken but I've suddenly gained the ability to read minds.
20 minutes later, we're eventually escorted to the casting and my time at London Fashion Week comes to a close.

My uneasiness wasn't because I felt like I didn't belong.
It was because I didn't want to belong, but for years I thought I did.

WHAT am I going to do now?

At first it felt like a failure, but four years and three internships later, it turns out it was a very valuable experience. I've now found the career for me and I'm passionate about it :)

Sometimes, the only way you'll know if something is right for you is to do it.
  • 19.9.16

As expected.

Booze, boobs and boogying - the Ibiza I expected and the Ibiza I saw.

If you're not into the nightlife, then check out my previous posts!
Though a trip to Ibiza without going to at least ONE big club might be a wasted trip in my opinion.

You don't have to be off your face to have a great time out there (or anywhere), I reckon there were as many sober people - including myself  - as there were not so sober. Probably because the prices of the drinks.

Have you been to Ibiza or any other party island? How was your experience?
  • 29.8.16

Dalt Vila: Ibiza's Hidden Gem.

When you think of Ibiza, your first thoughts are probably sun, sangria and a bunch of other S words. It's all about the clubs, the drinks, the beaches - people go there to see the David Guetta's and the Kygo's of the world, right?

I love getting away from the main tourist hotspots and exploring the local towns when I'm abroad; I didn't appreciate it enough when I was younger but now it's a top priority on my itinerary, although I didn't expect to do it in Ibiza.

We - my friends and I - passed through Ibiza Town (Eivissa) before the second leg of a one-hour bus journey and had a quick stroll around the shops to kill time. A few days later, we made a day trip of it and headed towards an old castle we spotted previously.

 They didn't stay white for very long during this trip...

Little did we know that the castle was part of Dalt Vila, Ibiza's Old Town. Here you'll find a museum, cute cafés, quaint houses and the most amazing views of the island. Great if you want to burn off a few alcohol or junk food induced calories as there's a good amount of walking involved. Our journey didn't reach the top near the clock tower so I imagine the views are even better - if possible.

 Admiring the views whilst crying inside as my flight home was the next day.

If you ever visit Ibiza, a trip to Vila d'Eivissa (Ibiza Old Town) is a must do!
You'll not find better views of the island anywhere else and it's the perfect setting to wind down before or after a night out.

As dramatic and millennial as this sounds, this little discovery refuelled my desire to work abroad. The concrete jungle can get pretty boring after a while. I wouldn't mind these views more often...
  • 15.8.16

Ibiza - not just a party island.

I've been back home for almost a week now. I've caught a cold, went back to work and spent ages looking at beach photos - you know, the usual holiday blues.

Anywho, Ibiza was great, I had such an amazing time! 
The perfect break; chilling at the beach by day, losing my voice and my hearing by night.

It was and wasn't what I expected it to be. The clubbers, the constant dance music and the boozy nightlife were of no surprise, but discovering the old town certainly wasn't on my list.

Of course you go to Ibiza for the clubs, but the island offers more than that, something I learnt nearer the end of my trip. Though, it's not the most child-friendly destination (as you can imagine), so the herds of families vacationing there did confuse me a bit.

I didn't take my camera as I wanted to experience it instead of capturing it but having said that, I still took over 200 photos on my phone...

Saw the sunset every night...

Best. Prawns. Ever. From Marina Playa Restaurant.

 New perfume discovery....ginger or orange to try!

 Holiday magazine discovery...great read at breakfast.

We stayed at the Marina Playa Hotel in San Antonio Bay and I couldn't recommend it enough. 
It's a 30 second walk from the beach, the hotel workers are some of the nicest I've ever met and the crisp white walls and teal accents highlighted the hotel's cleanliness. It's close enough to all the action (or transport towards the action) but also far away enough to get a decent nights sleep and a bit of peace. It was one of the best parts of the holiday, I plan to go back!

My proposed Ibiza Photo Diary post has been split in three, this being the first and the next due on Monday all about the island's hidden gem.

Have you been to Ibiza before? If you haven't, then you should :)

  • 8.8.16

LDN: Street Art in the East.

Graffiti (or street art) is a standard in every city and London is no different.
I don't actively hunt for it but my camera rarely has an outing without the odd street art snap.
All taken in the East side of town - *cue Drake*

🎶 Spendin' all my days on the Eastside oh 
Forgettin' who I was on the other side oh 🎶

With the number of pale grey office blocks, overpriced cafés and “affordable” housing on the rise, it's refreshing to see that there's still life left in this concrete jungle.

  • 25.7.16