Madrid: solo trip nĂºmero tres!

I think November solo trips might become a regular thing for me. 
Last year, it was Lisbon and this year it was Madrid and Seville.

This summer was quite hectic with my job and even though I didn't plan to go on another solo trip this year following Paris, I felt I needed to rectify it.

Is Lanzarote worth a visit?

sea view
Not a bad view to wake up to...

Here in the UK, Lanzarote is sometimes known as 'Lanza-grotty' and having just returned from a family holiday there, I think it's quite harsh.

From London to Leeds.

Travel doesn’t always have to mean leaving your home country, right?

I’ve lived in London, England my whole life and realised that I’ve seen very little of the rest of the country. I’ve been to a few places, but not enough to take me out of the bubble that is my city.